Three Must-see Attractions During Your Stay at a Timeshare Haiti

Owning your own timeshare Haiti is a wonderful investment that can actually appreciate in value as the years go by, and that can provide you with your very own slice of heaven in the Caribbean. A timeshare enables you to lucratively vacation as you please throughout the year in a nicer and homelier setting than a hotel. But once you get to your timeshare Haiti, what major attractions should you pen into your vacation itinerary?

Chaine de la Selle Peak
Located in the southeast portion of the country, Chaine de la Selle Peak consists of a mountainous chain that dots the horizon in its splendor. Pic la Selle is the tallest peak in this conglomeration, ascending more than 8,700 feet at its pinnacle. The mountains sit inside of a famous national park: La Visite Park.

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Citadelle Henri Christopher
Don’t miss visiting this famous fort, the Citadelle Laferrière. Originally constructed during the early 19th century, and designed to mimic a ship coming into port, this citadel took 15 years to build at the hands of more than 20,000 workers. It was originally designed to repel any French invasion, and now stands as a moniker to Haiti’s rich history.

Lake Saumatre
This gorgeous body of water attracts thousands of tourists annually and has a very distinct geological feature: it’s fresh water at one end and seawater (salty) at the other. This lake is connected to a dotting of saline lakes that converge with freshwater lakes during the rainy season, effectively pulling off his wonder and fluke of nature.