How HID Lights Improve Your Peripheral Vision While Driving

How HID Lights Improve Your Peripheral Vision While Driving
The simple fact of the matter is that HID lights make you safer on the road. Although they have long been touted as a cost saving solution based upon their exceptional value and product life span, high intensity discharge lighting systems for your vehicle also possess the ability save much more than just dollars.

By utilizing a small chamber of ignited Xenon gas in place of a traditional metallic filament, Xenon based headlights, or HIDs, remove much of the electrical resistance which has long been the downfall of standard vehicle lighting systems. At its simplest, less resistance means more efficiency, meaning that more light output can be produced using less electricity. Because of this phenomenon, HID lights often outlast even the vehicles onto which they have been installed.

But although the cost savings are tangible, there are even more compelling reasons to make the switch from standard headlights to a Xenon-based lighting system. When it comes to safety on the road, awareness is the key. Simply being aware of what obstacles are out there is ninety percent of the challenge when it comes to staying safe. It is very uncommon for a driver to be involved in a collision due to an obstacle they saw coming and had time to react to… and a good percentage of the time, these incidents are caused by objects, animals, or oncoming traffic from the side.

This peripheral zone can be quite difficult to manage, particularly in low light situations, but luckily HID lights are also the perfect solution to this problem as well. The light output of an HID is so significantly improved that mechanical shields are usually built right into the headlight component to block off excess light production. In fact, one of the main cost benefits to installing Xenon lighting is that there is no real ‘switch’ from normal running lights to brights, as there is in standard lights. This fluidity in current means far less waste, but also means that HID headlights can easily be manipulated to cast some if its light output to the sides, where peripheral blind spots occur.

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Even an extra fraction of a second can make all the difference in the world when it comes to avoiding a potentially deadly accident, a fact that no driver should take lightly. From animals or children bolting out into the road unexpectedly, to careless drivers who fail to react to traffic signs or intersections, the simple ability to react more quickly can easily be the difference between life and death.

Whether it is for cost or for safety, the truth is that HID lighting is the wave of the future. Rarely does a product come along that outperforms its competition so thoroughly, but when that product also has the potential to save lives and money, it is s true no-brainer.


Does a Xenon HID Conversion Kit Make Sense for You?

More vehicles are featuring the brilliantly illuminated display that can be only procured with a xenon HID conversion kit these days. That’s for a number of reasons that make a good deal of sense. As cars become faster, more compact and sleeker, so do the aftermarket add-on parts that can be acquired, of which one of the most popular happens to be the xenon HID conversion kit. But do they make sense for you? Find out in the three points that follow.

Sturdier and More Durable
A xenon HID conversion kit is actually sturdier and more durable than conventional headlamps are. That’s because the xenon bulbs operate using diodes as opposed to flimsy filaments. These diodes are more rugged and can withstand common road shakes and bumps, far outlasting filaments at every turn.

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Colorful and Illuminating
One of the most attractive aspects of the xenon HID conversion kit is the options that you have with various color schemes. Since the headlamps can emit a colorful spectrum of light, many car owners are matching their paint jobs or are augmenting the exterior feel of their vehicle with a colored light that adds panache.

Affordable and Easy to Install
A xenon HID conversion kit is actually quite affordable. Most kits are well priced and are reasonably within most people’s budgets. The installation required is nominal and will most often not require a technician. In fact, many people can just follow a simple installation guide and self install the xenon HID conversion kit on their own.

Xenon Kits: Not Just For Gearheads Anymore

There was a time when the idea of purchasing any aftermarket product (from Xenon kits to stereos), was considered a manifestation of materialism. Purely for the enjoyment of the vehicle’s owner, many people have long been interested in tweaking and adjusting the various aspects of a vehicle’s performance. But for the first time, even the most inexperienced vehicle owners are beginning to notice an aftermarket improvement for its inherent value. HID headlights, or Xenon kits, offer a wide range of benefits that appeal to nearly every car and truck owner on the planet.

First, there is the matter of performance. Although it is a somewhat complicated process, the basics boil down to this: a small chamber of Xenon gas is used in the place of standard metal filament, providing far less resistance and allowing for greater illumination. This means a longer lasting bulb, leaving the end purchaser with a product that produces more light with a long life.

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Improved light output means that the road ahead is lit up to a greater distance, increasing the reaction time to oncoming traffic, wildlife, or any other obstacles on the road (i.e. more time to react means far less likelihood of a collision). And this goes both ways. Oncoming vehicles will also see a vehicle’s HID lights from a greater distance, also allowing them more time to react.

With a quick and simple installation process, most people can even install their new Xenon kits at home, without the requirement of any special tools—in less than an hour. Easy installation has proven to be one of the main driving factors in the recent success of HID kits, as people really enjoy the process of making simple vehicular improvements on their own.

When it all boils down, there are very few products out there that have the universal appeal of Xenon kits. Every driver deserves to be as safe as possible on the road, and every bank account would benefit from having a few more dollars in it. When you also factor in the ease of installation and satisfaction of a job well done, it is no wonder that halogen headlights are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

How HID Light Kits Save You Cash

More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of using HID lights in the place of traditional halogen headlights. For improved performance and safety, HID light kits have set the industry standard.
With their improved performance and stylish appeal, HID light kits have become an increasingly popular aftermarket upgrade for many drivers. For those who seek performance above all else, the switch to HID headlights makes perfect sense. There simply is no better performing headlight on the market. With nearly three times the light output of a standard halogen bulb, an HID headlight illuminates significantly further into the darkness.
Obviously, with this added visibility comes improved safety, with increased reaction time in the event of an obstacle or oncoming traffic. Of course, we also cannot discount the greatly improved stopping times that accompany a headlight upgrade. Simply put—more time to react means more time to apply the brakes, potentially saving a life.

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Of course, HID light kits also have benefits that go beyond safety and performance. Something that has appealed to many drivers, given the current state of the economy, is the fact that HID headlights have the potential to offer significant savings when compared to competitors’ market offerings.

Although HID light kits will usually cost a little bit more out of pocket in the beginning, the end result is a significantly improved value due to the incredible longevity of the product. Whereas most headlights operate with a traditional metallic filament, very similar to a standard light bulb, HIDs utilize a small chamber of xenon gas, illuminated with an electrical current, casting off a light output that triples that of standard halogen bulbs. Since the gas will not physically wear in the same manner as the metal filament, HID headlights will often burn for up to 2500 hours of driving use. When compared to the paltry 200 hours that some halogen lights provide, the difference becomes obvious—HID headlights will last longer than any headlight ever used before.

Another feature that has been drawing in legions of new customers is the relative ease of HID light installation. One of the main drawbacks for many aftermarket upgrades is the difficulty of implementing them, or the resulting hours that end up being billed from the local mechanic shop (in order to have them perform the installation). With an HID light, the installation can be performed in less than an hour, using only the most basic tools. Even a complete amateur can perform a successful installation, with professional quality results. is the Best Source for Cheap HID Kits

Already lauded for its improved performance, enhanced safety capacity, and impressive product life span, the HID headlight is now available from at a significant discount, essentially eliminating the very last obstacle for the average consumer. For any make or model, carries the best variety of cheap HID kits.
The craze for HID headlights has been sweeping the nation, but as with any hot commodity, the real challenge can be locating one for the right price…so where can you buy cheap HID kits without sacrificing quality and reputation? The best option for most customers is through the online mega-retailer,
Over the course of the past several years, more and more consumers have been touting the benefits of HID headlights as they compare to their now out-dated halogen counterparts. From performance to overall value, there is simply no better product on the market today.

Cheap Hid Kits
Even with cheap HID kits, the light output is more than three times that of a standard headlight. This is because of the revolutionary technology contained within each bulb. Gone are the standard metallic filaments of yesteryear, along with their flimsy construction, poor illuminating capacity, and short life span. Instead, HIDs now rely upon a small amount of Xenon gas that is charged with an electrical current and illuminates so brightly that a retractable shield had to be engineered and implemented directly into the bulb.

Even at full retail price, an HID light provides value that goes above and beyond even the best halogen bulbs. A standard halogen burns for approximately 200 hours of use, while an HID can easily last up to 2500 hours. With more than ten times the expected life span, it doesn’t take long for this aftermarket upgrade to pay for itself.
With both value and performance improvements of over 200 per cent, it is a wonder that every vehicle in North America is not already equipped with HID headlights, but as is so often the case, the initial investment has served as a slight deterrent. Luckily, has launched a fantastic new website offering HID headlights for more affordable prices.
HID kits are available in a wide variety of color tints, and are easily installed in less than an hour. With a discounted sticker price, better overall value, improved life span, and enhanced performance, it is only a matter of time before HID headlights become the new industry standard. From top to bottom, these lights are simply a better product.
Now that these lights are available at a reasonable price, the time has come to make the switch to HID headlights.