Who Did the Argo Storyboards? The Best Storyboard Artist Hollywood Has To Offer

The answer to this question has be poised and answered in the title, representing a colloquial  restating of this hypothesis, that being: Who Did the Argo Storyboards? The simple answer is the esteemed and celebrated storyboard artist Tony Liberatore.

Tragically, storyboard artists are not usually the ones who are called out during the production of a film; typically the hype centers upon the director and the leading cast, which is traditional to Hollywood. However, in this particular instance, the Argo storyboards got a nice boost from a seasoned artist who has worked on some of the most prominent and best-selling blockbusters of our era.

Who Did the Argo Storyboards

Why Do Movies Need Storyboards?
A common day question that is asked by many is why do films need storyboards? The answer is simple: a storyboard represents the director’s vision of a film, sketched into varying scenes and interactions that define the role of the protagonist, and that are key elements of character development and plot. Assuredly, it’s important to select an experienced artist for any big budget project.

Other Notable Films Liberatore Has Worked On
When taking a quick gander at his resume, Liberatore was easily to top slotted pick for this movie. He has worked on notable blockbusters that have featured a-list actors and directors throughout his career, including:

  • FAST 5
  • FAST 6

Present Day Affiliations
Of course, Liberatore has numerous present day affiliations, and has worked on major commercials with the top ad agencies worldwide. A few current affiliations he enjoys include:
Art Directors Guild/Local 800; and having been represented by Storyboards Inc. He was the natural choice for directors when this big screen movie sat, quite literally, on the drawing board (all puns fully intended).


The Best Storyboard Artists in Hollywood Need Not Advertise

When you start tossing the name around of the best storyboard artist Hollywood, there are a few names that easily come to mind. Greats like, Amy Lynn Umezu, Adrien Van Viersen, Adam Van Wyk, Aaron N. Feldman, and more recently, Tony Liberatore. What has made these artists truly stand out is their attention to detail, their ability to deliver for the director, their passion for their craft, and their mastery of that trade.

Argo movie storyboards

Argo movie storyboards

Tony Liberatore, for example, is most recently known for his role in storyboarding the Argo title sequence. More notably, however, you may better know him for his roles in the following major motion blockbuster films:

  • FAST 5
  • FAST 6

Perhaps it’s truly at the call of a director as to which storyboard artist is the greatest of our era. And for that matter, it’s a topic that could always be up for debate, as one artist may fit a certain director’s appeal while another equally as talented one may not. As for the best storyboard artist Hollywood, it really can’t be ruled down to one singular artist. It’s better to put the elitists into a category of their own, where only the best of the best are included. Under that moniker, Tony Liberatore’s name easily should be on that list, and near the top. With this many successes under his belt already, it’s intriguing to ponder what project he may take on next.

Resorts in Dallas TX vs. Hotels – Why Resorts Win

While some people may fail to see the difference between a resort and a hotel, there are ample differences that should be noted. For starters, a hotel is just a place of lodging with added amenities. While intended to make you comfortable, it’s a far cry from an all-inclusive resort that’s designed to fulfill your innermost vacation dreams. We’ll make some other valid comparisons between hotels and resorts in Dallas TX in the key points that follow.

More Amenities
Generally speaking, you will enjoy far greater amenities when staying at resorts in Dallas TX over hotels. Because resorts tend to be larger than hotels, they also offer more amenities to the visitors. For example, a resort may have more dining choices on site, if might offer 24 hour room service, and it could have more activities for children and nicer rooms.

Golf Courses
Most hotels are not generally attached to any golf course. This is a key difference that you will find with resorts in Dallas TX versus hotels. The larger resorts nearly always have golf courses, and many also offer other things like tennis courts and even sometimes basketball courts, too.
Resorts in Dallas TX
Bigger Pools
Pools at hotels are usually suiting, but are generally not that large. When you opt for resorts in Dallas TX, however, you get the best of both worlds. You can enjoy prettier views, more robust activities, as well as larger and more immaculate pools.

Onsite Restaurants
In many cases hotels do not offer onsite restaurants. This can vary between some hotels, however. Rarely will you find hotels that have delectable dining venues on the premises. With resorts in Dallas TX, you nearly always will have one or more dining options on site.

Nearby Attractions
Nearby attractions should be noted as well. For example, resorts in Dallas TX may be located near ideal camping grounds, fair grounds, and attractions and shopping. A hotel that’s tucked in the other side town may be a rather long drive to such attractions.

All Inclusive
Virtually no hotel offers all inclusive amenities. That’s because hotels are not designed – for the most part – to be all inclusive. When you choose resorts in Dallas TX, you can sometimes get an all-inclusive stay. This means that all food and beverage expenses are included during your stay for a flat price that saves you even more money on your vacation. Make sure you compare the pros and cons between hotels and resorts before booking your next family vacation.

Why People Love Their Folding Kayaks


People are raving about their folding kayaks. It’s not really all that surprising, either; considering that folding kayaks are really fun and easy to use. There are a plethora of reasons why people are so giddy about these collapsible kayaks. We’ll cover a few of the many reasons in the points that follow. Before we delve in, consider this notion: wouldn’t it be grand if you could fold your kayak up in minutes for easier transportation and storage?

Easy to Transport
One of the most lauded aspects of folding kayaks is that they are super simple to transport. Unlike standard kayaks, which are long and must be tied down to the rack of a roof, folding kayaks can be stored just about anywhere. They conveniently fit snug into your trunk, your tailgate or your backseat. They won’t jut out past the front and back of your vehicle and you won’t have to install brackets on the roof of your car to transport them.
Folding Kayaks
Fast to Unfold
Don’t think that folding kayaks are going to take you eons to setup; like a camping tent. They are designed to be easier and more convenient. They simply unfold and the different sections lock into place. When you are done using your folding kayaks, you dry the water off of them and then fold them back into place. Then fit the kayak snugly in the carrying case, and you are ready to go in just mere minutes.

Convenient to Store
Another awesome feature about folding kayaks is that they won’t rob your garage or backyard – or wherever – of storage space. Since they fold to a fraction of their size, they can be easily stored just about anywhere that you can think of. Imagine being able to store your kayak in the closet in your house? Previously that notion was unimaginable, but with folding kayaks it’s a reality.

Fun to Use
Let’s be honest: folding kayaks are lots of fun to use. They can be used for every application of kayaking that you can think of. They also draw lots of spectators, as many people have never seen such fancy contraptions. How much easier would your kayaking adventures be if you had folding kayaks?

Top Reasons to Consider Lake Resorts in Texas for Your Vacation

There’s no vacation better than one that you don’t forget for a long time to come. Of course, with proper planning and a little bit of research, you can make that dream vacation a reality. For those seeking the most memorable vacation of a lifetime in the Texas areas, lake resorts in Texas are the surest route to travel. A few of top reasons why you should consider them will be covered in the points that follow. So before you plan your next getaway, learn why lake resorts in Texas are a viable consideration for a vacation that you don’t soon forget.
Lake Resorts In Texas
It’s all about location. Where will the resort that you vacation at be located? Unless you are traveling to a coastal region like Corpus Christi, you won’t have all that many ocean side considerations to choose from with a resort in Texas. But with lake resorts in Texas, you can still enjoy the water with a refined resort that offers equally serene memories as the ocean side one does.

Another thing to consider with lake resorts in Texas is that you can enjoy the four seasons. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean there is not plenty to do in and around lake resorts in Texas. From hiking to skiing to ice skating, nature watching and so much more, a world of excitement awaits you at lake resorts in Texas; no matter what time of the year it may happen to be. So don’t overlook this notion, either, as there are many splendid times of the year to consider embarking upon a memorable vacation.

Lakeside Activities
During the summertime and the springtime, lake resorts in Texas are immensely popular. That’s because there are so many waterside activities that you can enjoy. Whether you fancy boating, water skiing, jet skiing, fishing, tubing or a ton of other different and engaging waterside activities, the fun is yours for the having at lake resorts in Texas.

The best lake resorts in Texas offer uniqueness and a certain appeal that’s difficult to compare to other regions. Many are set in grand valleys eloped by mountainsides and replete with the invigorating sounds and sights of Mother Nature. Others are all-inclusive gems that are both welcoming and amenity rich. If you take your time when seeking out lake resorts in Texas, you can easily find one that is well suited for the whole family, and that will leave you with many fond memories.

Three Things to Consider When Booking a Dallas Convention Center Hotel

When booking a Dallas convention center hotel for your next planned event, are you aware of three most important tangibles that you should consider? Some obvious features like amount of rooms, the cleanliness and the customer service always will factor in. But before you go ahead and sign on the dotted line for any Dallas convention center hotel, make sure you read the following three tips first to know that you are making a well informed decision.

You want to ensure that the Dallas convention center hotel is centrally located to make it easier for inbound guests to find. Most people attending the convention will more than likely be coming in from out of town. So consider that you can make things easier if the Dallas convention center hotel is located within a relatively reasonable proximity to the airport.

Dallas Convention Center Hotel

Group Rates
Whenever you are booking a large group at a Dallas convention center hotel, you can always request group rates. These group rates are offered by hotels to cater to large events by offering them a group code that entitles each person attending the event to receive a signature discount on their room for doing so; provided they offer the group rate upon booking their room.

Make sure that the Dallas convention center hotel you are considering has the amenities that you will require for your stay. Whether you require a large banquet hall, a nicely outfitted meeting room, or 24-hour room service and a heated pool onsite, simply ask to find out if the hotel is capable of meeting these needs beforehand, so there are not any surprises.

Texas Lake Resorts: Could They Be The Ideal Domestic Vacation Destination

There are ample and numerous considerations to compare when deciding on staying at Texas lake resorts for your vacation as opposed to traveling out of town. The mantra of taking that annual two week holiday vacation for most people has waned in the midst of an uncertain economic outlook that has most people pinching their pennies just in case. Just because you are being frugal doesn’t mean you necessarily have to cancel your vacation plans, however.

Texas Lake Resorts
No Need to Travel Out of State
When you stay at Texas lake resorts, you can save considerable amounts of money. This is because you won’t have to pay for airline tickets, rental cars and other fees that are commonly associated with out of state travel. Instead, you can use your own car, and you can find Texas lake resorts that have reasonable fees.

Plenty of Texas Lake Resorts to Consider
The great state of Texas is one of the largest states in the union. There are ample Texas lake resorts to choose from, too. For every major body of water found in this state, there are dozens of Texas lake resorts that line it. Every single one of them can be your next consideration for an in-state getaway that will leave you feeling recharged.

Tips on Getting a Deal on Your Rates
Want the best rates on rooms that the Texas lake resorts that you are considering or comparing have to offer? An easy solution is to use online rate shopping search engines to get the best rates. Using these handy tools, you can quickly compare rates at the leading Texas lake resorts, and then book a room at the click of a button.

Top Three Reasons to Consider Enrolling at a Recreation Center Dallas

Fun city may be as nearby as your local recreation center Dallas. That’s because these recreations centers are replete with various activities, group classes, personal instructors, and even youth and adult sports leagues that are difficult to find elsewhere for the low membership fees allotted at a recreation center Dallas. Could enrolling at such a center be a good move on your part? Top three reasons revealed.

recreation center Dallas

recreation center Dallas

Fitness Programs

If you are trying to get into shape, you may want to overlook your expensive local gym and its one year contract. At a recreation center Dallas, you will have access to a variety of fitness machines and instructors at a fraction of the price that a gym membership will cost you. And you won’t have to worry about signing any long term contracts, either.

Group Sports Leagues

Group sports leagues cover many different sports and are lots of fun for adults of all ages. They are a great way to work out and stay fit while enjoying a sport that you love playing. A recreation center Dallas will generally feature numerous different youth and adult sports leagues that can range from soccer to baseball, and even things like biking teams and martial arts teams.

Making New Friends

If you are looking for some companionship, and are ready to meet some new friends who share similar life values, look no further than your local recreation center Dallas. At these centers people come with an open mind, and are there to enjoy spending their recreation time. They represent a fabulous way to meet new people who are likeminded, and can enable you to effortlessly forge lasting friendships.