Startling Car Accident Facts Shed Light on Importance of Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys

Wondering how necessary motor vehicle accident attorneys actually are in the US? For all extents and purposes, they are greatly needed professionals. To better underscore the need for motor vehicle accident attorneys in this nation, the following rather shocking statistics can help better shape your understanding.

  • An average year in the US sees more than 6 million auto accidents, of which more than 3 million injuries are caused as a result. Of those injuries, more than 2 million will permanently affect the individuals who sustain them.

  • There are more than 40,000 deaths caused by fatal car accidents every year in our nation. However, it is important to note that in recent years this number has vastly declined thanks to safer roadways and cars.

motor vehicle accident attorneys

  • Irresponsible drivers account for more roadway accidents than anything else. Shockingly, drunken drivers account for 40% of all accidents. About 30% are attributed to speeders, while about 33% are due to reckless drivers.

  • In most cases of accidents, the victims who become injured are the drivers. This is followed by passengers, then bicyclists, lastly followed by pedestrians.

  • About every 12 minutes a person is killed in a car accident in the US, and every 14 seconds or so a car accident causes an injury to a person. The leading cause of death for persons ages 1-30 is actually due to a car accident. Persons between the ages of 15-24 are more affected by car accidents than others.

  • Lastly, more than 25% of all drivers are involved in roadway accidents at least once every five years, thus highlighting the need for motor vehicle accident attorneys.

As you can see, car accidents are indeed no laughing matter. Generally, they result in serious, most often, lasting injuries that are permanent. Make sure you contact qualified legal counsel in the event that you are involved in an auto accident for the best results.


Nexxlink Technologies and Karol Brassard Proved to Be Perfect Fit

When Karol Brassard began his tenure, he had about $1000 in his pockets to start his company with. Not many people would even know where to begin on such a trim and meager budget. But Brassard is not just any ordinary person. In 1987, he took his $1000 and used it wisely. He would later see the remuneration in the form of a multimillion dollar entity and a CEO position (at Nexxlink, a respected IT firm with more than 950 employees working for him). But that was just the start, as Brassard was set upon making a difference and stamping his name on the Canadian IT industry.

From Call to Click

Whether it’s an aggressive email or telephone marketing campaign, a search engine optimization project, social media, you name it: Karol Brassard has been there and done that to great success. His vast experience in the information technology arena has led to some people comparing his prowess to that of the likes of Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. Testament of these accolades is found in nearly every company that Karol Brassard has owned—which are all relative information technology entities.

Forward to Gtechna

Gtechna represents Karol Brassard’s most recent accolade: a software company that is literally changing the way that law enforcement functions. His revolutionary auto tracking citation software helps ease the burden of law enforcement and environmental waste management enforcement services, virtually automating the entire process from top to bottom.

Dabbles in Real Estate

Le 368 is a recently acquired commercial building that is located in Old Montreal, in the heart of the city. Karol Brassard and his renowned investment firm, BrassCo Capital, recently purchased this famous and historical building, and have placed their corporate headquarters in it. The firm plans on completing any necessary renovations before leasing out other available spaces to IT firms, law firms and other types of agencies.

The Most Popular Treatments Offered by an IPL Machine

The modern day IPL machine is one versatile machine for certain. It’s a profit driver for spas because it is so multifarious in its capacity. Just one IPL machine can enable a wide range of popular, high value and high demand day spa treatment that attract clients to your business. The most popular of which will be revealed in the key points that follow.

IPL machine
Hair Removal
The most popular treatment by far for the IPL machine is laser hair removal. Using a proven process and technique, a hand wand applies the IPL beam to permanently remove hair. About three to four treatments on average are required for lasting hair removal on any region.

Pigmentation Treatment
With the IPL machine, you can also treat regions that have pigmentation. This can include hyperpigmentation as well. Using gentle passes with the IPL beam, the areas are induced to the healing process, which gradually fades away the discolored skin over time.

Tattoo Removal
Laser tattoo removal is becoming increasingly popular, and is made possible by the IPL machine. Using powerful beams of IPL light, the ink pigments are destroyed in the body, and the body’s natural healing response helps eradicate leftover pigments of ink.

Scar Reduction
Scar reduction is becoming a very popular treatment, and is made possible with the IPL machine. Unlike outdated treatments that rarely worked and used acids and peels, with IPL light the scars are naturally healed by a healing response induced by the body to respond to the laser treatment, which gradually fades away the tattoo over several treatments.

How to Drop the Pounds at the Top Weight Control Centers in Ocala, FL without Emptying Your Wallet

For most people who are trying to drop some of those excess pounds, they more than likely have a few diet plans that they have tried without much success. For such people, and if this happens to be you, it’s assumed that you will only want to go with the very best the next time around, in strong pursuit of your success. Use these tips to easily garner great bargains on the top weight control centers in Ocala, FL using the internet as your resource.

 top weight control centers Ocala FL

Look for Online Specials
Your first step is to look for online specials. The internet is filled with deals galore, but finding them takes some time, patience and effort. Use geo targeted searches to more easily find the best weight loss centers in your area. Then compare deals and specials to get a great price.

Coupon websites can also help you save some coin when trying to drop the pounds. They are loaded with coupons of all varieties. But you have to spend the time comparing coupons, ensuring they are not expired and then printing them out to redeem them. Still, these sites can score you amazingly sweet bargains. Your best bet is found in daily deal websites. Look for ones that specifically focus on deals being offered in your region, in Ocala.

These sites automatically show you the best deals that are available in your area. Once you find that deal, you can click and redeem it in seconds online.

Command More Influence with the Rotating Box Sign

Want to make the most of your advertising dollar? Then you really ought to consider the rotating box if you are looking into the prospect of getting new signage in place for your storefront. There are a ton of wonderful benefits that these mechanized signs have to offer, which can help you drive more business while increasing the attractiveness of your storefront simultaneously.

Round or Square Options
Before you decide what type of rotating box that you want to buy, consider the shapes and sizes. The two most popular include round and square signage. However, your options are virtually unlimited in this arena. You can opt for rectangle, star, shell, and just about any pattern or shape that you can feasibly contrive.


Colorful Design Schemes
Also make sure that you consider the design scheme overall. From a branding perspective, it’s always a good idea to reconsider your brand and logo when making the investment in a rotating box. Could this be a great time to have your logo and your brand entirely redone while making your storefront more externally appealing?

Influence More Prospective Customers
If you are wondering why you should consider adding a rotating box to your business, it’s all about driving more consumer influence and therefore increasing your business as a result. More passing traffic will be able to see your brightly lit and rotating signage, and more foot traffic will be attracted as a result, too. And having a nice, consistent spike in business and awareness is never a bad thing, by any means.

Enjoying the VIP treatment the Affordable Way with Deals for the Top Nightlife Attractions in Ocala

Every city has a nightlife part of town or a district where everyone goes to have a good time on the weekends. The regions surrounding Ocala, Florida are no different than anywhere else that you can go. There is a happening nightlife in this area, but if you don’t take advantage of some VIP deals beforehand, you could end up vastly overspending in pursuit of enjoying the top nightlife in Ocala. Your first best step is to look up local classified websites. These sites commonly allow nightclubs and other local businesses to place free or sponsored ads in them.

top nightlife in Ocala
Such ads generally have plenty of specials and bargains, and you just might find some VIP deals along the way, too. You can also research the nightclubs in your area and then look up their website address. This is helpful because many times clubs will offer VIP deals on their websites that they don’t really advertise anywhere else. It’s a fast way to know what deals are available at a specific nightclub.

Use a Daily Deal to Score VIP for Cheap
Lastly, don’t overlook daily deal websites. These sites are jam packed with deals, and you can find just about anything that you are looking to purchase. For example, a popular deal website for Ocala is called Zuni; the site is loaded with all sorts of special offers and deals, and even has nightlife VIP deals that are available from time to time as featured offers.

Why You Need the Best Personal Injury Lawyer Hamilton Offers

A personal injury can take place in many different ways. For some individuals, it is a matter of an automobile accident and they can produce some very life altering and debilitating injuries. You may also have experienced a slip and fall accident in your local area. Regardless of the type of injury that you are experiencing, it is important for you to seek the compensation that is due to you for that injury. Being compensated for the injury can help you get back on your feet again and to do so without suffering severe financial burdens in the process. Hiring the best personal injury lawyer Hamilton has many benefits that you should consider.

personal injury lawyer Hamilton

One of the benefits that we offer to our clients is the personalized attention that they need so that they can be comfortable with the process. You will be working directly with a lawyer that will help you to understand what is taking place and what you can expect when all is said and done. You also have somebody who is going to represent you aggressively, assuring that you are getting the fair compensation that is due to you. You will be represented by the best personal injury lawyer Hamilton offers, somebody that can work within your personal needs to ensure a positive outcome.

Something that may interest you is the fact that our personal injury attorneys will often be able to negotiate a fair settlement without having to go through the court system. It is likely that the insurance company responsible for compensating you for your injuries has already offered a settlement but that settlement is much lower than what they are willing to give. That is due to the fact that insurance companies are in the business to make money, not to compensate people for their injuries. Even if your case should happen to go to court, we can represent you aggressively to ensure that you are compensated in a way that will be to your benefit.

Checklist – Four Things to Demand from the Top Wedding Venues in Ocala

When it comes to your special day, only the very best shall do. Of course, weddings are always pricey, and most people have a specific budget that they are trying to adhere to when shopping for the top wedding venues in Ocala. Fortunately, there are some special amenities that you can learn about, and which you should demand, before you book your wedding at any wedding venue.

top wedding venues in Ocala

All Inclusive Offerings

If you are not prepared to handle the catering, beverages, butler service, limo service, decorations, cake photographer and other details of your own accord, then seek out all inclusive wedding venues in Ocala. These venues take care of everything that you’ll require on your behalf.

Package Deals

Most every wedding venue offers package deals. They generally offer them based upon so many people being anticipated for attendance. This breaks down the cost to a feasible per person cost. Look for package deals, and if they are not offered you may want to look elsewhere.

Location, Location, Location

The best wedding venues in Ocala are located in gorgeous and serene locations. It is important that you do not overlook the fact that it is your special day, and a very important one at that. So ensure that you factor in location on your checklist for the best results.


The best venue won’t be helpful at all if they don’t have any vacancy for the date you are interested in. Ensure that you discuss dates with their wedding planners so there are no discrepancies. Keep in mind that you will want to book your wedding well in advance to secure prime dates.


Stainless steel has the brilliance texture that most people like to see in their jewelery. Stainless steel loks like white metals and its reflectivity is just like silver. It makes you feel as if you are wearing a platinum. It is more durable as compared to gold. An exciting eature of stainless steel jewelery is that this metal does not tarnish with time and you don’t need to take much care.

Choosing any type of men’s jewelery is really a big task. One important thing for you to remember when choosing any types of men’s fashion is the fact that you need to understand fashion properly. This will allow you to make wise choices and to avoid some of the fashion mistakes that are common. For example, wearing color during the summer months is acceptable but it may be a little bit out of place in the colder, winter months. You should also avoid any loud patterns which will be distracting and by all means, avoid wearing bright colored socks, regardless of how much you like them.

When it comes to jewelry, consider the quality of the jewelry that you are using along with your budget. That is why many men have turned to inexpensive watches and mens stainless steel rings. If you make the right choices, you will be able to accentuate your wardrobe and your overall look. Just as you would want to avoid any loud colors in the clothing that you were wearing, it’s also important for you to avoid it in the jewelry that you are wearing as well.

Banish Stress with the Best Massage Therapy Ocala, FL – Top Reasons to Get It

The human body is tasked with taking the tolls of much stress during your daily routine. Even walking impacts your knees and actually affects your toes to your nose in stress impact and friction force recoil. Needless to say, stress is a killer, quite literally. It releases a flight or fight hormone called cortisol that can really tie your muscles up in big knots and make life miserable. The surest and safest natural solution is to seek out the best massage therapy Ocala, FL at least one time per month.

Relieve Muscle Tension and Knots
The primary goal of massage therapy is to relieve pent up tension and stress by increasing circulation and heat. Using directed approaches and pressure points, a massage therapist is able to help relieve muscle tension and reduce the buildup of knots. A simple one hour session can leave you feeling your body has been literally reborn.
Best Massage Therapy Ocala FL
Melt Away Stress for Complete Relaxation  
It’s always a good idea to get some relaxation in from time to time. And who really will mind being pampered with a full body massage? A relaxed and calm mind is one that’s more capable of taking on any curve balls that life may toss your way in a cool and collected manner.

Encourage Healing and Balance
Your body benefits from massage therapy with a balanced energy and chi that promotes overall healing. A massage helps your body intimate the healing process better and more efficiently. With monthly massages, you can really see the difference between how you used to feel and how amazing you feel now.