Why You Want Branded Promotional Products for Your Entity

If you are not offering branded promotional products for your company, you are indeed missing out on the best marketing opportunity that exists. Simply put, consumers love getting something for nothing. When you brand that useful “something for nothing” with your company logo, it spurs response, loyalty, sales, and, ultimately, retention.
 branded promotional products
Some Stats on Branded Promotional Products
When consumers have received branded promotional products from your company, it lights up their brain. According to recent statistics, it encourages:

  • 41 percent positive reaction towards your ad;
  • 20 percent positive attitude towards your product;
  • 54 percent increase in credibility of the message;
  • 25 percent increased purchase potential;
  • 26 percent increase referral potential.

Usefulness of Products
Usefulness of products that you offer for free also plays a strong role. A recent study centered upon products like this offered at consumer trade shows, and the results were rather astounding.

  • 71.6 percent of those in attendance recalled the name of the company that provided them with the branded promotional products.
  • 76.3 percent of respondents favored a company that gave them such products.

Increasing Customer Reach and Influence
As you can see, branded promotional products are a fabulous means by which you can take your market efforts and exponentially increase them in your favor. Using such products is a time tested marketing approach that nearly always nets positive results. While there certainly is some investment required on your part to implement such winning strategies, in the end they pay off with wide remuneration from your customer base.


How Promo Products by Arrow Specialties Spur More Business

There are many things to consider when opting for promotional products that you can use to attract more organic growth for a brand. Of course, promotional products are immensely popular in North America, something that is highlighted by the fact that more than $16 billion was spent on promotional products for the year 2010 alone. The primary reason why companies buy promotional products from services like Arrow Specialties is to help expand their brand, increase consumer loyalty and retention and use it as a vehicle for effective organic marketing and overall brand growth and recognition. We’ll explore some more fun Arrow Specialties’ promotional products factoids, so stick around.

How Effective are Promotional Products?
Well the answer here is: very effective. According to statistics, people remember the name of the company that they got their promotional products from. But how many people remember? A recent study shows that more than 70 percent of people will recall the name or brand of a company that gave them promo products. By comparison, print ads only generate a 53 percent response and website banner ads only generate a 27 percent response rate.
Arrow SpecialtiesHow Favorable is the Response of Promotional Products?
Another thing that you want to consider is how favorable will the response be to your Arrow Specialties’ promotional products? Again, this number is very much in favor of. More than half of people who receive such products retain a more favorable impression of the advertiser after the fact.

Do Promotional Products Generate Sales?
Indeed they do, which is one of the key reasons why you want to offer promo products by Arrow Specialties. More than half of people who get promo products will do business with the advertiser. Salespersons who give away promo products actually get more than 20 percent in increased referral rates. More than 70 percent of business travelers abroad have reported getting at least one promo product in the past year; and more than 30 percent of this group was still using the item at year later.

Lastly – promo products by Arrow Specialties are kept around for quite some time. According to statistics, more than half of all people will still have that promo product and will still be using it more than a year later.

How Giving Away Promotional Materials Can Net You Sweet Cash Returns

When creating and designing your next intended batch of promotional materials, there are some important things to keep in mind. For most companies, the entire goal and purpose of promotional materials is that the distribution of them serves to augment and encourage brand awareness strategies while maintaining a positive voice among existing and prospective consumers. Your promotional materials are powerful tools that can be used to further retain customers and to attract new ones. Keep reading to find out why promotional materials are a fabulous vehicle for brand ambassadorship.

Consumers Love Something for Free
There are few people on the planet earth that would argue against receiving something for free; if there are no catches that is. Give people something for free, and they will accept that token. If they find the item to be useful, they will also use it. This is the power of free promotional materials: they empower organic advertising with a free, useful medium the recipient feel is a great value that costs them nothing.

Branded Promotional Materials Reinforce Your Company Name
With promotional materials, you can most certainly represent your good company name, brand and image. Whether you choose to do that in the form of t-shirts, mugs, trinkets, tokens, keepsakes, or whichever you decide, promotional materials are an effective means of managing your brand in the mind of consumers everywhere. For example, banks used to fret over customers mistakenly taking the pens. When chaining them to counters failed to work, the ingenious idea of giving them away for free with the bank name on them took its place. Now patrons are encouraged to take pens, which are promotional materials that advertise the bank brand.
Promotional Materials
Useful Promotional Materials Are Seen Often
When considering what promotional materials that you want to offer, keep the example of the bank in mind. What items do you think that consumers will like to use the most? How useful are the items? Things like pens and matchbooks, pocketknives and that sort of thing get used more often than most other promotional materials. Other top listers include: clothing, accessories and key chains.

Word of Mouth and Free Brand Ambassadorship
Of course, as has been previously stated, the primary goal of giving away promotional materials is that you are using them as your advertising medium. The more promotional materials that you hand out, the more they will get used by people; and the more people who use them, the more people who know about your brand.

Why People Love Getting Free Promotional Products

Have you ever been given something for nothing? Like a t-shirt or a free hat, a free mug, sports bottle, key chain or other accessory that you found to be very useful? Guess what, you’ve been given promotional products on a number of different occasions. Most people think little about the fact that these promotional products are actually advertising to them every time that they use them. Find out why people love getting promotional products, and how they can help you spread the word about your entity in the simple points that follow.

People Love Something for Nothing
There’s truly nothing better than getting something for fee. Nobody will ever argue over a free meal, a free vacation, a free trinket or free clothing. Consumers will riot over free items. Now you don’t have to go causing a riot, but the response is always positive when you offer free promotional products.
Promotional Products
Consumers Talk About Promotional Products
When people get something for free, they talk about it. They will show the promotional products to their friends and tell them. The will happily gloat about how they got something for nothing. And every time they do, your brand is being promoted.

Promotional Products Drive More Interest, Aid in Branding
Word of mouth from your promotional products is powerful. In fact, it has viral capacity. Just one person can tell as many as 50. Imagine how powerful this would be if there were a thousand people with your promotional products telling others? What about 10,000? What about 100,000 or more?

Three Reasons to Consider an Employee E-Store for Corporate Apparel

A company e-store is becoming an increasingly popular notion during the day and age of the internet and social media sharing. With an e-store, you can feature tons of branded items including corporate apparel that your employees buy from your store. There are a few popular reasons to actually consider creating an e-store and stocking it with corporate apparel for your company. If you have ever pondered whether or not one makes sense for your business, take a moment and learn out more about the benefits of these nifty company offerings.

Conserving Resources
By externally hosting a company e-store, you can actually conserve on resources. That’s because you can also stock the store with advertising items and other company related keepsakes, in addition to corporate apparel. One can also place orders from their own e-store at cost to order more promotional items, making it very convenient for a number of different branding operations that enhances and maintain company image.

Corporate Apparel
Self Managing
The e-store can be hosted – in most cases – by a services provider. The stores are self managing and are very simple to setup. Most of the time, one simply selects a template, adds a company image or two and some brief text, and then selects the items – like corporate apparel – that they want featured in their e-store. Setup is rather simple.

Foundation for Corporate Appreciation
One final consideration is that the e-store can be a fund saver for future events that are designed and hosted to offer appreciation for your employees. As the funds grow in the e-store, signature events can be planned with the funds. This can reduce your costs in this regard, and serve to heighten employee loyalty, too.

Corporate Gifts – Top Reasons to Give Them This Holiday Season

There are numerous reasons to consider offering corporate gifts to your employees. While the most classic time to do so is during the holiday season – where many companies offer corporate gifts as a form of employee appreciation – there are other reasons to consider offering them more than just during this time of the year. Top reasons to consider corporate gifts revealed in the context that follows.

Increase Employee Loyalty
Employee loyalty directly impacts profitability. Happy employees are more loyal and therefore more productive with their work. With corporate gifts, you can help increase and maintain this loyalty and reduce turnover.

Boost Morale
Morale is another biding factor that directly plays a role in overall company productivity. When corporate gifts are offered to employees, morale will directly increase. The higher your morale is—the stronger that your workforce is.

Corporate Gifts
Teambuilding goes further than group exercises and functions. Offering corporate gifts should be part of the game plan with any teambuilding campaign. By incorporating this aspect into your teambuilding methods, you can enjoy more substantial results.

Enhance Manager/Employee Relations
Another benefit of corporate gifts is that they serve to enhance manager to employee relations. Especially when the managers are able to take some credit for the gifts being handed out. When employees are happy and confident with their supervisors, productivity exponentially increases.

Preserve Fragile Corporate Image
Reinforcing your positive company image with employees is easy to do with corporate gifts. When employees feel wanted, needed and thanked, they have a better vision of the company and its agenda in mind. Motivated and satisfied employees are the backbone to success with any business.

Three Unique Promotional Items that Attract Consumers

It takes money to make money; perhaps the oldest, most tried and true adage in the business world. Under this premonition, one could try out a gaggle of different marketing strategies that are tailored towards attracting new customers and garnering more business. There is one notion that will always remain steadfast, however, and that is the notion of offering a free trinket, gift or other keepsake that brandishes your ad to the consumer. Give away something useful, and you will advertently win over more customers. Of course, you’ll want some unique promotional items in order to pull this off successfully. We’ll offer up three awesome suggestions to get your brain waves thumping.

Mouse Pads
Think about how much and how often that you use your computer? Chances are pretty good that it’s rather often. And chances are also pretty good that you use a mouse pad when using your computer, too. Now imagine how many times you actually look at that mouse pad? It’s quite often, isn’t it? Now imagine your brand name on such unique promotional items and how many times that consumers would see it each day.

unique promotional items

Ceramic Mugs
People love drinking coffee and tea from mugs. The average person consumes a few cups of coffee every day. The power of the coffee mug (to hold coffee) and waking up pair together rather nicely for promoting products and brands. This high use item makes for fabulous unique promotional items as a result.

Sports Bottles
Sports bottles are fabulous as well. The average person hits the gym a few days per week. Now imagine if your brand name is being seen by every other gym member they interact with. Furthermore, what about every time they take a swig from your unique promotional items; how many times per week are they being reminded of your brand name?

Top Five Reasons to Offer Corporate Gifts to Employees

The notion of offering corporate gifts is nothing new. In fact, it’s rather a commonplace function at many medium and large-sized corporations and even at some small businesses as well. There are some fabulous reasons to consider giving corporate gifts to employees. We shall outline a few of the most prominent and valid reasons so you can better understand why.

corporate gifts

corporate gifts

Improve Retention

Retention rates are always going to be an ongoing human resources factor. But when you offer seasonal corporate gifts at certain, specific dates—they can go a long way in vastly improving upon your employee retention methods. Employees enjoy knowing that their hard work is greatly appreciated by the overseeing corporate body; and corporate gifts assure them of this.

Raise Morale

The fact of the matter is that many corporate jobs are highly demanding and can be physically and mentally taxing. One way for management to show employees that they are wanted, needed and appreciated is by offering corporate gifts to them. This helps to imbue satisfaction with one’s job, and serves to also increase morale overall.

Employee Appreciation

Exuding employee appreciation goes hand-in-hand with high overall retention rates. Companies that demonstrate this with corporate gifts will enjoy happier employees overall. And happier employees are a critical factor with any successful entity.


The holidays represent the perfect time to offer corporate gifts. From the employee respect, it’s a way of recognizing their hard efforts and labors and ensuring they are not going unnoticed. From the employer respect, it’s a way of offering holiday gratitude to the employees.

Corporate Image

Lastly, don’t overlook your corporate image. If you take a look at the top places to work in the world, you will quickly find that these companies all feature prominent corporate gifts. In essence, they are a crucial part of your ongoing efforts to increase employee capacity and effectiveness.

Best Use: Corporate Gifts

It can be easy to get caught up in the journey of the ‘perfect gift.’ When looking for corporate gifts, the pressure is arguably greater. The fact of the matter is, unless you’ve known a person for years, or you’re good friends with him or her outside of work, you won’t be able to give the perfect gift. But there’s hope. Check out these tips on buying a great gift.

corporate gifts

corporate gifts

  1. Decide whether or not the gift is serious or a gag. Measure your relationship with the person—does he or she have a sense of humour? A funny gift is an excellent mood booster and can make for great memories down the line. The main thing to keep in mind when selecting a gag gift is the sense of familiarity you have with the person. If you don’t know the person very well, or you have only met a few times, the person may find it offensive and see you as immature.  If you choose the gag, make sure to select something genuinely funny and not just random and useless.
  2. Cater to his or her needs or desires. Along the same lines of avoiding random, useless gags, if you get someone something serious, you need to make sure it’s relevant to his or her interests. Ask around the office, or take a look at his or her desk. Chances are you’ll be able to get at least a vague idea of the interests of that person.
  3. Corporate gifts are meant to be useful and thoughtful, not just whatever is nice or in the clearance bin. So although the brand new basketball set complete with ball, shorts, shoes, and a carrying bag is great, it may not be suitable for the guy who doesn’t know the difference between a field goal and a pin fall. Focus your energy on finding things that you know the person will enjoy from experience (or choose something that will make his or her job a little easier in the office).

The long and short of it is simple–use good sense when getting a gift for someone in the office. Be thoughtful and you’ll be sure to leave a good, lasting impression.