The Difference a Cryotube Makes.The Difference a Cryotube Makes

There are many benefits to using a cryotube for scientific purposes. This article will inform you about how to use cryotubes, provide information about the advantages of using them and offer usage safety tips.

Cryogenic storage vials provide high quality and reliable sample storage options for research, cell culture, biobanking and many other samples. You can choose from a wide variety of options including internal or external thread. Self-standing vials have a special design that allows them to be locked into 5151K49 and K53 workstations. The easy-to-use system is ideal for freezing bacterial cultures that you can retrieve and use later. Details about the many benefits of using cryotubes are below.

•They are reliable.
•They are convenient.
•The system for storing and preserving is less expensive compared to other methods.
•Unique storage boxes are available.
•There is an organism reference grid printed on each lid for easy indexing.
•Cryotubes are suitable for all microbiology labs that deal with bacteria.



The vials are designed for ease of use and sample integrity in extremely low temperature storage. The closure seals do not have gaskets or O-rings so that contamination is minimized. They have deep skirt closures which allow you to perform a single-handed aseptic technique without exposing your fingers to the content of the vial. The Ribs around the bottoms interlock with wells in the Cryovial Racks to prevent turning. Another great feature is the vials and their closures are pre-assembled and sterilized with radiation. They have a white marking area, a fill line and graduations that are printed on the side. These vials are designed for storage of biological material as well as human or animal cells at temperatures as low as -196 °C. The specialized caps are made of an exclusive silicone washer that is fitted inside the cap. You can use an autoclave rack to store up to 50 cryogenic vials. There is an innovative universal locking system in which the vials will lock into each well securely and each position is identified by an index. The rack has sturdy handles that make it easy and safe to carry. It is stackable and other features include anti-skid rubber feet and three colors.

A cryotube is just one of many clinical and diagnostic- products that help laboratories to increase their capacity to analyze and manage workloads that are constantly changing. Cryogenic vials are designed for research ranging from crime labs to field investigations. Appropriate safety equipment is very important when working in a lab. Never use cryogenic vials for storage in the liquid phase of liquid nitrogen. Always use gloves, a face shield, biological safety cabinets and hoods in the lab. Keep in mind that even with gloves, contact with cold liquids should be for a very short period of time. Another safety precaution is to make sure that your storage apace is in a well-ventilated area.


Endoscopy Accessories market to touch $10 Billion Mark by 2016

Medical science is at its highest boom at the moment and surveys state that the endoscopy devices market will be worth around $10 billion by 2016. This article reflects a detailed research on the endoscopy global market ranging from endoscopy accessories, applications, and devices over the next few years.

We’ve already come across numerous therapies that no doubt cure you from a particular illness, but leave some side effects at the same time. The global medical science has witnessed a sharp shift in paradigm and is constantly working day and night to come with some least invasive methodologies that not only help you overcome a severe ailing condition, but leave almost zero side effects. Endoscopy is one of the widely popular therapies, whose demand has grown enormously during the last decade, simply because patients prefer going for endoscopic surgery it being the least invasive one.
endoscope accessories
In 2011, a research by Markets and Markets, a global market research and consulting company based in the US, reveals that endoscopy devices market was worth $6.1 billion and is going to touch the mark of $9.7 billion by 2016. In 2011, the largest consumer of endoscopy devices was North America, being Japan the next largest, whereas in the next few years, Asia has been slated to be the region with a growth rate of 14.42% looking at how the governments are spending on healthcare reforms, and due to grown education towards MIS being endoscopy surgeries one of them.

Let’s discuss what categories envelope the entire endoscopy market in a broad sense. If we segment the market in further sub sections, the following can be the most obvious ones– flexible endoscopes, rigid endoscopes, endoscopic ultrasounds, endoscopy visualization systems, endoscopy fluid management systems and endoscope accessories. Now, the following fresh inventions including HD cameras, Narrow Band Imaging, 3DHD systems, Capsule Endoscopy, HDTC three-chip systems, NOTES, Mucosal Ablation Therapy, etc. will be the prime cause for the endoscopy market to grow unbelievably five years down the line.

The market has been witnessing a very rich competition, because there are countless small as well as big players into the same category of medical product selling. But at this moment, the ball seems to be in the court of some big players being the Olympus Corporation the biggest market stakeholder with 70% of market share (2011). Let’s see where the endoscopy devices market will take the world to, looking at the novel endoscopic systems, fresh endoscopy accessories, and the rising competition among the global sellers.


The medical profession calls for extreme focus and dedication towards the skill. It is that one area of work in which a doctor can never overlook the necessities, as it may cause danger to a life if anything is neglected. Procedures like operations and surgeries are most crucial when it comes to safety of a patient; and this demands a surgeon to be extremely careful with the tools used while performing his duty. The condition of surgical tools is a paramount necessity for any medical professional, as it is extremely important to be careful when it comes to human life.
A lot of companies provide surgical instrument repair parts and repairing services for medical as well as dental surgeries. Repairs of instruments in required for the protection of the physician as well as the patient. These companies offer an opportunity to the doctors for enhancing their surgical instrument portfolio by providing them with periodical repairing and cleaning services.
Today, the medical fraternity is growing at a very fast pace and it is quite necessary for doctors to be at the top of their game. A hygienic working environment guarantees healthy patients and this could be achieved through the utmost care of the surgical tools. Companies provide a number of services such as minor and major repairs, partial rebuilt of damaged tools, complete built and refurbishment of instruments, preventive maintenance of tools which are most commonly used in regular procedures etc. These products and services are the key to every medical practitioner, as form the means to furnish great surgical results in the long run.


Spare parts for surgical instruments are available at affordable prices in the market. Certain dealers offer special schemes for the supply of repair parts to their regular customers. Companies dealing in this genre have built a huge market share for themselves as the requirement for such products is growing rapidly in the market. Some even provide tips and tricks for the proper maintenance of instruments to prevent them from further deteriorating.
One must take careful notice to the quality of spare parts that are being used, as this is extremely important for the overall condition of the finished product. Products that are not at par with the medical standards should not be taken in use, and must be discarded. Certain tools have a limited shelf life, and they get damaged sooner as compared to others. Such tools must be repaired to a certain extent; otherwise must be disposed off completely.
One should always keep in mind to check the authorization of every such company offering products relating to medical procedures. The instruments must be fit to use after their repair in the minimum time frame, and their parts must be manufactures in a sterilized setting in order to be safe.
A doctor is a person who is responsible for the lives of those who come for rescue. Properly working instruments are the essence of job of medical practitioners, as they are equally responsible for saving lives as the doctors themselves. With the required repair and maintenance, a professional makes the best of his tools to perform those marvels which help to save the life of millions.