First Timers Tattoo Care Guide: What to Expect After Using Tattoo Needles to Get a Tattoo

Wondering what you should expect the very first time that you go under the tattoo gun and are subjected to the workings of the precision tattoo needles that such tattoo guns house. A lot of people are curious as to what they should anticipate when they are preparing to get a tattoo for the very first time. Fortunately for you, this article can help you better understand what you should expect, and has been written by an author who has experienced a fair amount of tattoos.

Tattoos Generally Hurt a Bit
Plain and simple, anyone who tells you that tattoos do not hurt is not really being honest with you. Bravado and ego aside, common sense spells the real answer here. Tattoos are administered by injecting ink deep into the dermal folds to create a permanent staining effect from the injection of ink pigments after the intentional wound created by the tattoo needles heals. If you don’t think that tattoos will hurt, try jabbing yourself with a needle. Did that hurt? Now imagine that with ink on it and about 60 times per second into your skin, and you will have your answer here.

tattoo needles

What to Expect During Your Tattoo
During your tattoo, the process is rather straightforward:

  • The station will be cleansed and prepped for your tattoo.
  • Fresh tubing and tattoo needles will be affixed to the tattoo gun.
  • The artist will don gloves and set up ink holders.
  • Your tattoo design will be applied to your skin.
  • The artist will tattoo your skin using tattoo needles.

The First Three Days After
The first three days after you get a tattoo are critical to the healing process. Use these tips to help your tattoo heal the best.

  • Don’t pick or scratch at your tattoo or peel off the scabbing.
  • Apply vitamin A and D ointment generously several times per day.
  • Avoid direct contact with sunlight.
  • Move to lotions after three days and intermittently use ointment as needed.
  • Do not exfoliate your tattoo in the shower.

Two Weeks After
Continue applying lotion as needed to finalize the healing process of your tattoo after two weeks of healing. Avoid direct contact with sunlight. Always wear a potent SPF 50 or higher sunscreen when going outside in the sun, regardless of the time of the year; this will prevent your tattoo from fading.

Certainly, your tattoo will require a few touch-ups here and there for places where the ink did not take. These are generally simple and fast, and help to make your tattoo look more even. Most artists offer free touchups, and they won’t charge you for any tattoo needles that they use during the touchups. Ensure you get the touchups you need to fully complete your tattoo and enjoy that refined and finished, full look. Believe it or not, touchups generally hurt more than the original tattoo because the nerves are more responsive in the skin. So be prepared for a bit of agony during your touchups. And don’t forget the primary rule at hand: no pain, no gain!


Disposable Tattoo Tube Tips and Grips Easy, Cheaper to Find Online

Find out why disposable tattoo tube tips and grips are easy to find and cheaper to purchase online. Top three reasons revealed. 

From time to time, all tattoo shop owners will need to resupply on disposable tattoo tube tips and grips. There is something to be said of the inclination of foresight, as you never want to mistakenly run out of disposable tattoo tube tips and grips when you are open for business. While a traditional method involved shopping for these necessary supplies locally, there’s an easier, less expensive method of obtaining them: the internet.

Plenty of Quality Suppliers

Online, you will enjoy a replete array of high quality providers of disposable tattoo tube tips and grips. Since you are looking for a very commonly used tattoo supply, there are ample merchants that sell these supplies online at bargain deals. This means that you have lots of options when shopping on the internet, and are not limited to only a few providers.

Hard to Beat Online Deals

It’s truly difficult to beat any online deals that you find these days. This metric also applies to simple every day use items like disposable tattoo tube tips and grips. The internet is adorned with some of the best deals, hand down. In essence, it’s nearly like you are being offered wholesale pricing on the tattoo supplies you use the most.

More Selection Than Ever Before

You are not limited to just a couple of brand names when shopping online, either. If you can think of a brand of disposable tattoo tube tips and grips that you desire, you will find it online. Additionally, you can enjoy selection of plenty of other name brand tattoo supplies, featured at the same stores that carry the tubes and grips.

Don’t Forget This Checklist Before Getting Inked at Miami Tattoo Shops

So you want that awesome tattoo but you are unsure of what you should look for at Miami tattoo shops? No problem, as this blog has got you covered fully. There are four distinct things that you should consider when checking out Miami tattoo shops to get your next tattoo. Keep reading to arm yourself with invaluable information.

The Design
What design do you want for your next tattoo? You can do two things here if you are unsure. You can look around for designs you like online (which is easy, fast and free). Or you can visit various Miami tattoo shops and check out their portfolios and design books to make up your mind.
Miami Tattoo Shops
The Artist
A big consideration before you book that appointment at Miami tattoo shops is the artist. Who will be working on your piece? How experienced are they? Can you spend time with them for hours upon end without getting irritated? How extensive is their portfolio (the most important question to ask)?

The Shop
When choosing your shop, location is only one teeny factor. Consider the following items as well:
Overall shop cleanliness
Friendliness of staff
Modern tools and gear
Inks and guns they use
Portfolio and prices (good tats aren’t cheap)

The Process
Lastly, it is vital that newcomers understand the process. Tattoos generally will have some pain and discomfort that’s associated with them. So expect to be a little uneasy for a few hours. There’s also about a two week healing time associated, too. So research the process before you get under the gun at Miami tattoo shops for the best results.

Key Advantages of Using Rotary Tattoo Machines

Learn more about the key benefits of using rotary tattoo machines as opposed to other machines, like coil machines.

As an early disclaimer, this article is abashedly in favor of the rotary tattoo machines of the present day. Being as it is written as such, one shouldn’t discredit coil or digital machines. This article is merely intended to shed some light on the benefits of rotary tattoo machines and them alone. While some simple comparisons will be made between other machines, it’s acknowledged that there are many facets and benefits of other machines as well. With that in mind, let’s get cracking on the key advantages of using rotary tattoo machines.

Rotary Machines Weigh Less
Compared to coil machines (not digital ones); rotary tattoo machines actually weigh less in most cases. They require fewer parts to assemble and they generally are not as heavy as a result. Since they don’t contain the coils, which are also heavier, the guns are lighter on the hands, which some artists will favor.

They Run Virtually Silent
The rotary tattoo machines of the present day are virtually whisper quiet. They are used in prisons (homemade rotary tattoo machines) because they are so quiet; such quietness allows prisoners to tattoo other inmates with reduced fear of getting caught and having their rotary tattoo machines confiscated. That aside, there is a lot less noise, such as the dreaded buzzing noise of coil tattoo machines.
They Are Versatile
While every artist is different (that’s for sure), there is some versatility to the rotary tattoo machines of the present day. Unlike coil or digital machines, they are able to be used as both a liner and as a shader. For the frugal artist, one machine can accommodate them as opposed to two machines.

They Cost Less Money
While there are variables that make these tangibles differing, in most cases, rotary tattoo machines cost less than other machines. Since they cost less to manufacture, they cost less to acquire. This can mean a huge difference to the cash strapped artist that needs a new machine.  

They Vibrate Less
One final thing to note, which is debated between different artists, is that rotary tattoo machines vibrate less. For the sure handed artist, this may not matter all that much. But many artists require a steady hand and precision focus to ink their clients. Sometimes a coil machine can vibrate too much, comprising the precision that many artists are after. With rotary tattoo machines, there is far less vibration, which helps keep the hand steady for amazing artwork that shines for a lifetime.

Four Methods to Avoid Buying Counterfeit Kuro Sumi Ink Online

Use these four methods to easily learn how to avoid buying counterfeit Kuro Sumi Ink when shopping online.

One of the most popular tattooing inks in the world comes from Japan with pride. Perhaps the only real competition to the other leading suppliers of ink, Kuro Sumi Ink has more than forty bright styles of long lasting pigment that’s entirely sterile, safe and amazing. With unique and vibrant, rare color pigments this is, indeed, premium ink. Tragically, whenever there is something good in this world, there are also some rotten apples that aim to turn our nonalcoholic cider into fermented drink. Avoid buying unsafe and dangerous Kuro Sumi Ink by using these four simple pointers before you make the purchase online.

Ensure They are an Approved Vendor
Here is an easy way to tell if you are getting real Kuro Sumi Ink: is the vendor an approved vendor. Are they an authorized distributor? The most respected online stores that vend tattoo supplies are all approved distributors. So buyer beware: if you are not shopping at a place that has an established name, you could be getting misled into buying fake Kuro Sumi Ink. The easy answer: only shop at the most respected online stores.

Cross Reference Them Online
Before you place your trust in any online store, look them up. Find out what people are saying about them. Do they have a ton of complaints lodged against them online? How do they fair on review sites? Are people chatting it up in the forums with positive or negative reviews? What about scam reports? You want to make sure you are doing business with an entity that’s on the up and up to ensure that you get real Kuro Sumi Ink, and not some cheap Chinese knock-off.
Check Review Sites
Believe it or not, there are review sites for just about everything these days. In case you are wondering, yes, there are review sties for tattoo supplies superstores online, too. Take a moment to look a few review sites up. They can help you find out what the deal is with these stores and who is legit and who is not. This can help you easily identify where to buy Kuro Sumi Ink online, and which places to avoid at all costs.

Refer to Manufacturer Site
Finally, the easiest method of finding out who is selling Kuro Sumi Ink that’s real and who is a faker that should be avoided is by checking the manufacturer site. They will have a list of approved vendors you can trust. If the maker trusts them, you can too. Using these simple tips, you can easily avoid counterfeit Kuro Sumi Ink at your parlor.

Avoid These Common Newcomer Mistakes When Getting a Tattoo Fort Lauderdale

How many people will rush out and excitedly get a tattoo Fort Lauderdale today? While would be impossible to estimate, chances are in favor of a high number in this regard. Now how many of these enthusiasts will wake up tomorrow and regret their decision or second guess it? A reasonable expectation would be at least half of them. Make sure you are not in this bracket by using these tips to avoid common mistakes made by newcomer when getting a tattoo Fort Lauderdale.

Don’t Rush Your Tattoo
Never rush your tattoo. You have plenty of time to decide on a design. Keep in mind that your tattoo Fort Lauderdale will last you a lifetime. So it’s imperative that you be selective in the design that you end up choosing. Be patient, and don’t rush it for the best results.

tattoo Fort Lauderdale

Expect Some Discomfort
Some people have a misunderstanding about a tattoo Fort Lauderdale. They think that it won’t ever hurt. Such couldn’t be any further from the truth. The reality is that when you are injecting ink at high speeds into your skin with a sharp needle, you are going to feel it. So expect some discomfort during your tattoo Fort Lauderdale.

Be Selective with Choosing a Shop
Don’t race to select a shop, either. Take your time with your tattoo Fort Lauderdale. Review different shops. Meet with the artists. Look at their portfolios. Get quotes on the tattoo Fort Lauderdale that you want. Be patient in choosing a shop, and the remuneration will pay off in the form of a fabulous tattoo you enjoy for the rest of your life.

Three Signs of Awesome Tattoo Shops in Miami

There are some simple signs to look for when considering what tattoo shops in Miami you want to spend your money on. Before you decide on just any shop, use the following tips to find the best ones. While most shops are on the up and up, these suggestions can help you find the best ones for your next tattoo.

Cleanliness is simply a must-have for any tattoo shops in Miami. Since they are administering tattoos that can cause for the spread of infectious disease, a clean shop is mandatory. Thankfully, it’s rather easy to denote the cleanliness of any tattoo shops in Miami. How clean are the work stations? Is everything wiped down before and after use? Do the artists wear gloves and use packaged and sealed products? Watch a client get a tattoo, and you can easily gauge how clean and safe a shop is.

tattoo shops in Miami
Friendly Staff
The surest sign of incredible tattoo shops in Miami is the level of customer service being offered. No matter the amount of work that you will require, a friendly artist and staff goes a long way in assuring confidence. You should feel entirely confident and taken care of. Much like any other business, customer service makes a huge different in tattoo shops in Miami.

Immaculate Portfolio
The portfolio of the tattoo artist that you decide to go with at tattoo shops in Miami is everything. You always want to ensure that any artist has an exceptional portfolio of work, so you know that you are getting the very best. Thankfully, most artists keep a bound portfolio for all prospective clients to view beforehand. So take the time to look at it and to check out their work; it’s the surest way to know that you are going to get a quality tattoo.