Why You Need a Toll Free Vanity Number

A toll free vanity number is not a consideration for most businesses any longer: it’s a must-have part of their branding and customer service equation. Considering that a toll free vanity number is very affordable during the present day, and also considering that there a numerous prefixes now available, which opens up the door to getting the number that you actually want, it makes a good deal of sense to consider adding a toll free vanity number to your business model.

Customers Crave Convenience
From the customer side, they want things to be easy. For that matter, they want things to be free, too. With a toll free vanity number, you offer them both. They don’t have to pay to call your company. And they don’t have to struggle to recall your phone number. These number types address both sides of this issue perfectly.

Taking Your Brand to New Levels
Your brand is not just about your website, your slogan or your motto and your reach any longer. You need to secure your brand to truly own it. Part of this process also involves expanding your brand. With a toll free vanity number, you can secure the telephonic side of the brand that you own, and grab up your piece of 1800 real estate before it’s gone for good.

Increasing Your Reach
A toll free vanity number will generate more phone calls. That’s because it reaches more people. The more people you can reach the better that you can increase your business and expand your business model to move on to greater future successes and accolades.


Why Choose Vanity 800 Over Standard 800?

If you are in the process of acquiring toll free numbers, you most certainly have some considerations to take into account. With toll free numbers you have two options: standard toll free numbers or vanity 800 numbers. A lot more businesses are using vanity 800 over the latter to attract more customers and increase phone calls and business. Find out why in the simple points that follow.

Catchy Phrases
Catchy phrases with vanity 800 numbers are not just quirky and fun, but they are easy for callers to remember for future phone calls, too. Imagine customers being able to use a phrase as the number for your business; something like your logo or business name or even a related slogan. How much easier and fun is that for them to contact you now?

Generate More Calls
With vanity 800 numbers, you will drive more phone calls. That’s a fact, Jack. According to studies, vanity 800 numbers are about four times more effective than a standard number is and about twice as effective as a traditional 800 number is. In so many words: these types of numbers generate the most phone calls of any phone number types.

Expand Your Brand
Don’t just limit your brand to your website or social media. Take your brand across the board with vanity 800 numbers. You never want to limit your brand. Rather, you want to be constantly expanding your brand. Using vanity 800 numbers as your vehicle, you can expand your brand to the telephonic world as well.

Vanity 800 – Three Tips on Choosing a Memorable Number

Are you on the prowl for a vanity 800 number but you are unsure of how to determine which one is best suited for your business and for your budget? There are ample things to consider when shopping for a new vanity 800 number. Use the helpful tips offered here to easily find a great number that will work to drive more business in your direction.

Consider Other Prefixes
The 800 prefix is the most commonly used for a vanity 800 number, and has been in place for the longest period of time. Therefore, one should be mindful when shopping for a new number. An easy method of finding the name extension that you desire is by using other prefixes like 866, 888 and others to get a number that’s not been taken and that is not currently in use.

Use Easy to Remember, Related Verbiage
When deciding upon your vanity 800 number, keep in mind that you generally don’t want to exceed the seven character limit that follows the prefix. But you want to keep things simple, easy to recall, and related to your business image. Try playing around with words on a whiteboard and also try using a number lookup tool to cross reference the availability of your desired suffixes.

Look Into Long Tail Vanity 800 Numbers
One final consideration includes using long tail vanity 800 numbers. These are numbers that can be longer than the seven character suffix. A good example of one of these numbers in place would be from a popular U.S. auto insurance provider (800-PROGRESSIVE). Avoid more than ten character in your number to make your number easy for callers to remember.