The Most Popular Treatments Offered by an IPL Machine

The modern day IPL machine is one versatile machine for certain. It’s a profit driver for spas because it is so multifarious in its capacity. Just one IPL machine can enable a wide range of popular, high value and high demand day spa treatment that attract clients to your business. The most popular of which will be revealed in the key points that follow.

IPL machine
Hair Removal
The most popular treatment by far for the IPL machine is laser hair removal. Using a proven process and technique, a hand wand applies the IPL beam to permanently remove hair. About three to four treatments on average are required for lasting hair removal on any region.

Pigmentation Treatment
With the IPL machine, you can also treat regions that have pigmentation. This can include hyperpigmentation as well. Using gentle passes with the IPL beam, the areas are induced to the healing process, which gradually fades away the discolored skin over time.

Tattoo Removal
Laser tattoo removal is becoming increasingly popular, and is made possible by the IPL machine. Using powerful beams of IPL light, the ink pigments are destroyed in the body, and the body’s natural healing response helps eradicate leftover pigments of ink.

Scar Reduction
Scar reduction is becoming a very popular treatment, and is made possible with the IPL machine. Unlike outdated treatments that rarely worked and used acids and peels, with IPL light the scars are naturally healed by a healing response induced by the body to respond to the laser treatment, which gradually fades away the tattoo over several treatments.


What to expect from an IPL machine?

IPL Machine Expectations Explained
An IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Machine is used for many skin treatments including the removal of hair, birthmarks, lesions, and blemishes. The most common use is for hair removal.

An IPL machine works by using high-energy light pulses. These pulses destroy the hair and hair follicles that are in an active growth stage. Not all hair is in an active growth stage at the same time, so it is a good idea to space out IPL machine treatments so that all of the hair follicles in the area may be treated.

An IPL machine is NOT laser hair removal. The two are very similar, but laser hair removal uses a smaller subset of light wavelengths to treat the hair follicles.

IPL Machine

Another very common use for IPL machines is to remove birthmarks and treat other blemishes. IPL treatment is an extremely common method of acne treatment. In addition, it is often used to remove birthmarks (often the red ones). This works because IPL machines and the light pulses they create target darker colored areas, like blemishes and hair. Because of this, IPL treatments work best on darker hair or spots on lighter skin, so avoid tanning before having IPL treatments.

IPL treatments may seem costly and may require multiple treatments of the same area. However, the amount of money and time that you save on hair removal or skin products throughout your life after receiving IPL treatments is well worth the upfront hassle. IPL treatments are generally very effective and have long-lasting result.