Popular Uses for Cosmetic Lasers During the Present Day

Thanks to the advent of cosmetic lasers, much has changed in the day spa world, particularly in the medical day spa world. With cosmetic lasers, an entirely new realm of options and treatments has been birthed—offering unprecedented options for people the world afar. A variety of differing skin conditions and undesirable aesthetic conditions can be easily remedied with a minimally invasive and affordable process that has little associated discomfort, and that provides substantial results for the efforts. We’ll cover the four most popular treatments enabled by cosmetic lasers in the key points that follow.

Facial Scar Reduction
While not just limited to facial scars, scar reduction is a powerful treatment that’s been ushered in by cosmetic lasers. Scars on the face are commonly caused by cystic and nodular acne, which creates deep pockets of infection in the dermal folds, often resulting in signature pockmark scarring and dimple scars. But cosmetic lasers help renew the skin in these areas, thus reducing the appearance of said scars.

cosmetic lasers
Tattoo Removal
With an estimated 40 percent of all people having at least one tattoo on their body in North America, and with an estimated half of all of those people desiring to have a tattoo removed, cosmetic lasers heed the call. Using a powerful intense pulse lighting laser, the ink pigments of the tattoo are zapped, and the body helps destroy the remaining pigments of ink. In just a few treatments, tattoos can be removed.

Hair Removal
Laser hair removal is immensely popular during the present day. Considering that shaving is not very desirable and is expensive and time consuming, with a ton of associated side effects and irritation, cosmetic lasers help make things easier. In just a few treatments per region, hair can be permanently removed from the body.

Pigmentation Treatment
Pigmentation can also be treated using cosmetic lasers. Areas that have exposed pigmentation are treated using gentle passes with cosmetic lasers. Over a few treatment sessions, the pigmentation is replaced by fresh skin layers. In most cases, it can be completely removed from the body, even in instances of large areas of pigmentation.


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